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Why choose Pygmenta?

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Scalp micropigmentation ink by a pool of smp artists

Pygmenta has been designed by a pool of tricopigmentists who searched for the perfect formula, to obtain the best experience that a tricopigmentist could wish for. In addition, inside the package, youwill find the dilution chart.

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Shipping into the world

We rely on DHL to guarantee you the fastest shipping.

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High Density scalp micropigmentation ink

More grafts less refills, thanks to the pigment density with a single refill you will have the possibility to cover a larger area of your current pigment.

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High performance with any dermograph

Put the turbo on your dermograph, pygmenta has been designed to have the best performance even at high speeds.

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Why with Pygmenta you can offer your customers an extremely natural and permanent result:

  • Dense texture
  • A single pigment for all skin tones and haircolors
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not stain during the treatment
  • It does not dry quickly
  • It can also be used at the maximum speed ofthe dermograph
  • More grafts with a single refill
  • Vegan 100%
  • Cruelty Free
…you can buy the smp ink here!
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Black Rain - Pygmenta

How to dilute for optimal results?

Pygmenta has been studied by a pool of tricopigmentists with more than 10 years of experience who after various tests have managed to create a pigment that is easy to dilute and with unique characteristics compared to other smp ink. The product is intended exclusively for experienced scalp tricopigmentation professionals.

“Our mission is to offer the finest quality ink” – by Tony Abbagnato.

Inside the package you will find the dilution guide that can be performed simply with distilled water or…

…download the complete guide diluition by clicking on this link
Download the complete guide

What does it feel like on first use?

Julius - Pygmenta

The consistency is fantastic with just one refill I was able to cover a much larger area than the previous ink I used

Victoria - Pygmenta

The feature that struck me about this pigment is that the scalp does not stain during the treatment, which allowed me to have better visibility during the grafting phase.

Dan - Pygmenta

I had no problem diluting the pigment when choosing the color, it’s very simple!

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