Alex Russo - Pygmenta

Alex Russo

Alex Russo, class 1997, is another diamond of the SMP.

After working in hospitality she was looking for something that could change her career…

She’s passionate about this industry. following the footsteps of Tony A, CEO of Tricomedica Abbagnato and Chris, not only someone with whom she works but also a mentor that has helped her grasp this technique, and aids her in refining it every day ever.

The girl is a prodigy, reaching very high levels in record time, guaranteeing  exceptionally high standards to her clients. she meets and exceeds standards set by the Abbagnato brothers, where only the best is good enough as the winner is always the client.

Hundreds of different customers have the same constants: formidable results that last the test of time.

It’s finally time for her to take the stage and join the superstars team of inkfluencers, where some of the most talented SMP artists from all over the world are gathered to take the SMP industry to the next level