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David Santiago

David Santiago, a widely-acclaimed and highly-competent expert in the field, has emerged as a leading authority. Today, he capitalizes on his in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to offer revolutionary services through Scalp Solutions.

At the helm of this purpose-driven venture, David Santiago is a household name who has been in the hair industry since he was fourteen. At the age of nineteen, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he honorably and faithfully served the country for thirteen years. The passion-fueled personality continued to demonstrate his affinity for styling hair and barbering throughout his service, with his fellow Marines as his customers. While he was stationed at The National Naval Medical Center as the medical case manager for the East Coast, he also had the honor of grooming wounded veterans just before they took center stage to receive their Purple Heart decoration.

Today, David Santiago stands as a licensed master barber and certified hair loss practitioner whose skills, experience, and expertise have helped people solve their hair-related problems. At Scalp Solutions, he leads a team of professionals in the mission of restoring and maintaining the self-confidence of all clients, addressing their concerns with quality and effective solutions so they can return to the world ready to conquer it.