Demian Hwan Choi - Pygmenta

Demian Hwan Choi

His cousin, who was a firefighter, suffered severe burns to his head. So he finds his way to cover up his cousin’s scars. He eventually started learning SMP.

Because of the above motivation, his motto and his brand image are to change people with pain through SMP. Moreover, it heals even the inner psychological wounds.

His name is hwan amin choi.

He was born in Korea.

Korea has a short history of SMP, but the industry is growing faster than any other country.

He researched his own unique dot arrangement method to be recognized in the SMP industry.

And he is applying the golden point of natural side line expression more than anyone else.

The secret is that it has an excellent sense of customizing it according to the shape of the individual’s head and appearance and the shape of the chin.

In addition, he has ASMP technology that expresses lines independently developed in Korea. ASMP can express more than dots of texture according to each customer’s style.

He also have an automatic dotting SMP machine and technique, ready to go, and continue to conduct clinical trials. Also, starting with the pygmenta members, he plan to introduce this machine.

He continues to grow and becomes a pirate who will swallow up the world, starting in Asia.