How long will it takes for the product be delivered to me?

Pygmenta is shipped all over the world, delivery times vary between 2 and 15 days. You will find out the delivery date before making the payment.

How can I dilute pygmenta?

To dilute the pigment you will need distilled water and a syringe, the dilution scale is present in each package and will help you understand howto best dose the product according to the type of treatment. If you have doubts about the dilution you can contact us at

How long does a micropigmentation treatment lasts using pygmenta?

Pygmenta has been studied to be permanent but could be absorbed by the body after 3/5 years from the execution of the treatment.

Who can use it?

The product must be used exclusively for micropigmentation treatments of the scalp by specialized tricopigmentists.

Do you have any other questions?

Write us at