Scalp micropigmentation ink

Here, you can find Pygmenta’s tricopigmentation pigments for experienced scalp micropigmentation artists. Discover the ones best suited to your patients’ needs!

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Best scalp micropigmentation ink for experienced smp artists

As you well know, SMP requires the use of specialized tools like needles and pigments in addition to special techniques to inject pigment into the scalp, in order to create the effect of a hair follicle. The quality and the aesthetic result of the treatment depend on the mastery of the smp artist and scalp ink used. There are different inks specially produced for the scalp. These inks may differ in quality. So, finding the best scalp micropigmentation ink is not simple. A question comes naturally: “Which is the best one?”. The best scalp micropigmentation pigments are made with natural ingredients, so they are hypoallergenic and they respect the sensitive skin of scalp. Finally, the color doesn’t turn to green or blue, but it naturally varies from a charcoal gray to light gray.

Scalp micropigmentation ink vs tattoo ink

SMP is commonly known as “scalp tattoo”. But, scalp micropigmentation is very different from tattoo. The technique, the needles and the pigments differ from tattoo ones. Tattoo ink contains ingredients and additives that can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. In addition, the pigment used for tattoos is unstable and can also turn green due to sun exposure. Instead, smp ink is natural, hypoallergenic, long-lasting and resistant to fading. For this reason, an experienced smp artist shouldn’t use any tattoo ink.

Best ink ever made for smp

Using the best scalp micropigmentation ink available means to ensure a natural look and a long-lasting solution to baldness. Inks used for scalp micropigmentation should: - have a high-quality formula with natural ingredients; - be versatile and flexible regarding hair and skin tone to get a look as natural as possible; - be easy to dilute. A group of expert practitioners created a unique line of products designed specifically for scalp micropigmentation and scalp care, Pygmenta. Would you like to make your job of smp artist easier and get better results? Find out Pygmenta inks, needles and scalp care products!